Sunday, February 13, 2011

#26 casa

home . house . shelter . place . hometown

Daniela, Diogo, Gisela, João, Patrick e Paulo

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  1. Great interpretations leads to stupendous photos!

  2. it looks like there are really different interpretations for "home . house . shelter . place . hometown"

    i am wondering, if you, friendly guest, identify yourself with some of our interpretation, or if you have another one...?

  3. "Home is a Non place. Home is an utopia. You can experience in the most intense way, if you are away and you miss it; the actual home feeling is the homesickness. And even if you are not away, the home feeling nourish itself out of the missing, out of that, which does not anymore or not just yet exist. Because the memory and the longing are turning places into homes."

    Schlink in Heimat als Utopie

  4. Dorota TombinskaFeb 25, 2011, 2:36:00 AM

    When I heard this song it reminded me of your "casa" interpretations.

    The idea of home which is not a place but the abstract idea that one creates within itself. Your home is where you and your heart are. Cliche as it may sound but as they say - sometimes cliche is the best way to make one's point ;)

  5. oh dorota, a few days ago i was about to put this music here! : )
    i think that my head still is in granada because you and "lontra" are always reading my thoughts :p