Sunday, December 19, 2010

#18 pista

clue . track

Paulo, Daniel, Daniela, Diogo, Gisela, João e Patrick


  1. ok, i love the simplicity and the contrast of paulo's photo.
    ...that vintage frames on the wall and the colors of daniela's photo.
    ...that never-ending line with the clothes on it is just fabulous on the gi's photo.
    patrick, after some time contemplating your photo i think that it is just well fitted! the technique with the really looks like it has been taken in the mid 20's :p great job!

    still, all the "clues" are well hidden to me. :|

  2. the most you can have from people are little clues about themselves that they will leave you on their way, therefore an image is all you can get.

    you don't really get to know no one...

  3. everything I get from the world are clues, luckly i am not a mathematic! or colorblind_how ironic is diogo`s frame?